Congress Chairs

Prof. Dr. Med. Winfried Häuser is specialist of general internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine and pain medicine. He is senior consultant for gastroenterology, hepatology and pain/palliative care medicine, Department of Internal Medicine I, Klinikum Saarbrücken Germany. He is adjunct professor of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the Technical University Munich, Germany. From 2004-2014, he served as General Secretary of the German Interdisciplinary Pain Society (DIVS). He is member of the advisory committee of the German Pain Society since 2012. He was president of the German Pain Congress 2017.

His main clinical and research interests are drug and psychological therapies of chronic functional pain syndromes (fibromyalgia, IBS, chronic pelvic pain) and cancer pain. He has scientific collaborations with several researchers worldwide, e.g. Professor Fred Wolfe, Wichita (USA), Professor Dan Clauw, Michigan (USA), Professor Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, Montreal (Canada) and Dr. Jacob Ablin, Tel Aviv (Israel).

He is co-editor of the Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Group. He has published systematic reviews on drug therapies (antidepressants, anticonvulsants, cannabis-based medicines, opioids, NSAIDs) in chronic pain syndromes.

He is the head of the steering committee of the German guidelines on fibromyalgia and opioids in chronic non-cancer pain and member of the steering group of the EULAR recommendations on the management of fibromyalgia. He is the head of the task force on cannabis-based medicines for chronic pain management of the European Pain Federation.


Dr. Silviu Brill is Specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, Director of the Institute for Pain Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel.

Past President of the Israeli Pain Association and Past President, Pain Section of the Israeli Society of Anesthesiology,
Co-Chair of the Scientific Council Pain Residency Exam, Scientific Council, Israel Medical Association.
Reviewer for: Anesthesia & Analgesia, Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research Journal, Harefua, European Journal of Pain and for Chief Scientist Office, Ministry of Health.

He is member of Committee on Education and member of the Task force on Cannabis based medicine of EFIC.

His main research interest is Neuromodulation, Psychologic aspects of Chronic Pain postsurgical neuropathic pain and Medical use of Cannabinoids.

Dr. Brill received grants from European Union for Development of an International Pain Registry-Pain-Out, British Chevening Medical Scholarship, Israel Science Foundation, Israel Pain Association and The Israel Cancer Association. Dr. Silviu Brill is Specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, Director of the Institute for Pain Medicine, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel.